How much is your fee?

The total fee to Bell Air Enterprises (BAE) is 1.00% of the loan amount.  Loans from $2-$10MM

  • Of this fee, $1,000 is paid to BAE at Application
  • The remaining balance of the fee is paid to BAE at Closing
  • Our minimum fee is $15,000

EXAMPLE 1: We close a $1,700,000 loan for you. Therefore, your total fee is $17,000. Of this $17,000, $1,000 is due at Application. The remaining balance ($16,000) is due at Closing.

EXAMPLE 2: We get you under Application for a $1,200,000 loan. However, unforeseen circumstances prevent the loan from closing. Your total fee remains at the $1,000 paid at Application and not the full minimum fee of $15,000.

EXAMPLE 3: After packaging your loan, we do not find an acceptable lender for you. Consequently, your loan never goes under Application. Your fee is $0.