You have been the BIGGEST blessing in this deal! And the life-saver in the entire sale of this property.

I want you to know how appreciative I am for your invaluable expertise and advice to Joe and downright magical “skill” in putting this deal together for all of us …. Not to mention having to keep everyone else in line with documents, signatures and procedures.

I’ve never encountered such a convoluted sale such as this! It would be a comedy if it wasn’t so seriously affecting the lives of so many involved!

My dearest thanks, appreciation and blessings to you for your gracious handling of this entire process.


I wanted to start off by saying how grateful I am for you to put interest in my business. I want to thank you for your guidance and greatly appreciate your advice. I can surely tell you if it wasn’t for your help and hard work I would not be able to close this deal. Your 30+ years of experience were showed in examples and fabulous personality. I truly believe the Lord placed you in my path as a blessing in my life. I look forward to continue to work with you as long as you are in the business and built our friendship. Thank you so much from the bottom of the heart.


Jose Gutierrez
Real Estate Investor


Thank you so much for all that you did to make our dream of home ownership a reality. You went above and beyond for us and we will be forever grateful to you. You are part of our family and we love you. Thank you so much.

Tiffany La Chance

I’ve invested in two apartment buildings with Rayna and Ernest so far. I didn’t have any experience in commercial properties when I met Ernest, but he has been super patient with me to help me on-board and grow. He spent tons of time to answer my questions and address concerns I had, until I felt comfortable to move forward.

I visited Memphis this Oct. when Ernest was there too. He accompanied me all the time to check out the rehab work of our properties, to get familiar with the area and to see the prospective acquisitions. He also introduced me to the local team, such as Anthony, a contractor who has great connections in the local market and knows the industry very well. Anthony showed us 4-5 properties that his team has been working on. All of us looked forward to growing together as a team.

Ernest’s family and mine also hanged out together sometimes. Rayna lives in LA but we will get together whenever there is a chance. For me, it’s not only an investment, it’s more about trust, friendship and sharing. I am blessed to be part of this warm family.

Jeff Deng